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Success Stories

They are unconventional and brave. More often than not, they are lone warriors. We present inspirational accounts of people who worked around their physical disability and societal prejudices, to realise their dreams.

Mohammed Asif Iqbal

Rough ride on my journey to get educated

“No, we can’t teach you”. “Sorry, we are not equipped to teach a blind student”. “It would be major embarrassment for our institute if you do not complete the course”. “We sympathize with you but why don’t you consider doing this course from a private institute”.
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Arti Bubna

Proprietor, Voice Vision Computer Institute for the Blind

Arti Bubna. Vivacious, positive, gritty, confident and independent with a love for life. Also some one who has faced challenges from early childhood and overcame them to be an entrepreneur. An inspiring story.
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Sun Certified programmer

Read the story of remarkable determination and hard work, of this first blind Sun-certified programmer in India.
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M.Phil, Jawaharlal Nehru University

An account of relentless pursuit for excellence in education that has taken Shivaji beyond Indian shores.
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Gail Employee

An inspiring journey from a small village in Haryana to becoming a computer operator with GAIL.
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