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The Current Affairs Bulletin or The CAB is EnableAll’s fortnightly newsletter.  Be it the latest economic growth statistics, the national awards, or the passing of a new bill by parliament, there is a decent chance that you will find it in The CAB.

The CAB is specifically directed to meet the needs of competitive exam candidates, because current affairs for competitive examinations is a different ball game altogether. For the layman, current affairs are recent happenings of importance – the events that make the news headlines. However, if you happen to be sitting in a competitive examination (be it the banking services, insurance, forest services or the civil services), the term takes on a totally different meaning. One still has to be aware of what is happening in the world, but the focus will be on an entirely different set of events. There is no place for controversy, sensations and disputes. Instead, this is the territory of appointments, awards, statistics and abbreviations. We used to call it classic mugging up territory, because if we did not mug up the facts, we would get mugged in the examination!

If that sounds difficult to believe, then just compare any publication focussing on competitive examinations (Competition Success Review, for instance) with a news-oriented publication (India Today). While both claim to cover current affairs, the content will be startlingly different! Unfortunately, even the existing competitive examination publications come with their own set of headaches. While they do contain relevant content, they are generally published at monthly intervals and are extremely detailed, making memorising a real headache.

This is where The CAB hopes to make a difference. Every day, we will be sifting the mainline newspapers to pick out content that we feel is relevant to the needs of candidates. This will be presented in a simple, compact format, every fortnight, making it easy to remember.

To get a better idea of what The CAB is all about, you can view the various issues of the newsletter on EnableAll. You can also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section in this regard. You can also receive The CAB in your e-mail box - free of charge! All you need is an e-mail ID, some space in your Inbox and of course register yourself using the registration form given below.

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