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Sun Certified programmer

How many times have you heard someone blame the system for something going wrong? Most likely each one of us has done this at some point of time. It is an easier thing to do than struggling against an inefficient system. Then, there are people, like Dinesh Kaushal, who don’t give up a dream because the system wouldn’t allow it

In India, in most schools for the blind, only basic math is taught. In a way this limits the number of career options available to the blind and low vision students. Like most blind students in India, Dinesh too didn’t study mathematics beyond the basic level but went on to complete his graduation in Commerce from Delhi University. However, unlike most blind students, Dinesh wanted to pursue computer science after his graduation. He appeared for the Masters in Computer Applications entrance examination, but couldn’t clear itbecause of his lack of knowledge in math. However, this didn’t dilute his determination to pursue computer science and he decided to learn math on his own.

With the help of a neighbour who read out NCERT math text books to him, Dinesh started with mathematics for fifth class. With the help of his father Mr. N.K. Kaushaland his benefactors Mrs. & Mr. Srinivasan, Dinesh taught himself math upto Class X over a six-month period.He did Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Manipal Academy of HigherEducation, and then applied at Maharishi Dayanand University for Masters in Computer Science through correspondence and against all odds got selected. His performance was so good that, after the first year, the University allowed him to migrate to M. Sc. in Computer Science. He is now in the second-last semester of his M. Sc. While pursuing his computer science degree, Dinesh also conceptualized a software compiler application that generates error messages in Hindi. He presented this idea to Microsoft and Microsoft India offered him a three-month project to develop this application. Dinesh is the first blind person in India to get a certification from Sun and became a Sun certified programmer in October, 2000.

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