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Writing a resume

Resume is a brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications. It is a concise self-marketing tool, which effectively sells your skills and positive credentials to a potential employer and gets you an interview call for a job.

An employer will usually spend only a few minutes reviewing your resume, so the content of your resume must be clear, concise and targeted to the type of job for which you are applying.

Your resume should contain the following details:

Your Contact information

Begin your resume with your name, contact address and your email id. Ensure that you have a proper email id and use a funny email id you have created for online chatting purposes.

Career/Job Objective

Your career objective is a personal statement that outlines what you wish to attain with respect to your professional work. The purpose of the objective statement is to inform the employer of your career goal and targeted interests.

Qualifications or Experience Summary

Qualifications Summary is a brief paragraph that showcases your most effective skills and experience. More importantly, it is your chance to convince the interviewer of the skill set (skill set is a list of your core competencies as they relate to your targeted career goal) that you are going to bring to the company.

The qualifications summary is accomplishment-oriented and provides an overview of your work experience. There is no data on your resume more important than your accomplishments. So you need to emphasize your accomplishments like, formulating a procedure where you enabled the company to cut down cost on a large scale or an award you got for being the most efficient employee, etc.

Work experience (only for experienced personnel)

List your most recent job first, it should include the name of the company you worked for, job title, job description and the period you worked in the company followed by your next recent job. You should also highlight any special accomplishments during your stint in the company. You should include all types of work experience you have gained be it paid or as a volunteer.


List the most recent degree or programme you are currently enrolled in or finished, followed by other educational qualifications, in reverse order. Highlight your academic accomplishments. Mention assignments or research you have undertaken and what type of skills and specific knowledge you have developed during your academic pursuit. You can also highlight other courses you have done if they match the requirements of the job applied for or if they complement your career objective.

Core set of Skills

List your core set of skills that align with the requirements of the present job you are seeking on the top followed by other skills you possess. For example if the job opening is for a computer programmer you need to list your computer programming skills first followed by other skills like communication skills and fluency in a foreign language.

Computer Knowledge - Employers expect you to be a computer literate. List hardware, software, and operating systems with which you are familiar, also confirm that you know basic computer operations like word processing, emailing and web browsing.

Extracurricular Activities

You may also wish to include awards, honours, hobbies, and interests under this head, and indicate how you developed your abilities while pursuing your hobby. For example, playing chess sharpened your memory.

Length of a Resume

Resumes are typically one or two pages long.

Things to keep in mind

Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes

Ensure that the information you give out is correct and genuine

Keep the resume short but don’t miss out on any vital information

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