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Have had a look at your site, and I think it's great. Sincerely I do…it's great stuff, and keep it up.
Paul (Senior Sports Editor, Guardian)

It is one of the few websites that provides exclusive web coverage of matches for the visually-impaired.
New Straits Times

your effort and keenness to make the site more and more accessible deserve the appropriate recognision and appreciation.
Anjali (blind lawyer in Supreme Court)

It is really great… the links also have a short cut key. I never saw this on any other page… the site is absolutely perfect.
Krishnakant Ramesh Mane (blind software engineer)

Congratulations! The things are moving pretty fast. I think that its your effort and insight that has made the difference.
Dinesh (the first blind Indian Sun certified programmer)

very grateful to you for providing such valuable information to me through the issue of "The Quest" and I am getting so much advantages from this.
Rupesh Surve (Student)

Thank you very much for your great eforts for educating community of the visually challenged persons in particular.
Annavaram (Post-graduate student of Jawaharlal Nehru University)

It would be worthy to say here that your complete website is very knowledgeable and informative.
Rajni (Student)

Excellent tutorial. Though I am already in service for 15 years, I checked it out of curiosity. I really liked it.
Amiyo Biswas

EnableAll is really superb and i make use of it for my MBA entrance preparations.u r so generous to offer such material for free.
R.Senthil Arumugam (Student)

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