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EnableAll Step By Step

The steps taken so far to meet EnableAll goals.

Cover page of EnableAll Research Report In January 2002, a survey was conducted by Enabling Dimensions, with the objective to find out the usage of computers and internet by the visually challenged, its issues and challenges in the Indian context, from the findings of this report the idea of EnableAll took roots

Image showing the home page of Fifa World Cup website created by EnableAll The journey began by the coverage of Football World Cup 2002, at that point of time EnableAll was the only portal providing accessible coverage of the mega event.

Image of the seminar under progress A seminar on "Universal Web Accessibility - Building Digital Ramps" was organised in the month of November, 2002 to create awareness about universal web accessibility amongst a select audience of representatives from government, private and non-government organisations.

Image of the Social Enterprise Laboratory 2003 award In May 2003 Digital Partners and Hewlett Packard presented the Social Enterprise Laboratory 2003 award for recognising our efforts for utilising information technology to empower the visually impaired with the tools of the Information Economy.

Image of a computer training session underway Computer training workshops are organised preodically to assist the participants in sharpening their IT skills.

Image showing testing of a feature being done by the community members Testing of new features or e-learning tools developed by is done by actively involving the community and their feedbacks and suggestions are incorporated.

Image of the cover page of the web accessibility guide Training programmes for IT professionals are conducted where they are given tips on how to create accessible web content meeting W3C and 508 standards.

Image showing focus group discussion underway Focus Group Discussions are an intregal part of decision making process where community members are actively engaged in.

Screen shot of SpellWell a software tool to teach visually impaired spellings SpellWell is a game-based universally accessible e-learning tool to teach spellings.

Image showing SpellWell being showcased at the Baramati Initiatives 2005 SpellWell being showcased at the Baramati Initiatives 2005.

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