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Identifying your Calling

Determining the kind of work you want to do is essential for getting a job that excites you, a job where you will not only earn money but also enjoy yourself. Taking up a job without mapping it with your interests may be financially rewarding in the short-term but in the mid to long term it may ruin your happiness because you simply hate it.

The process of choosing a suitable occupation requires research. The following steps, which contain various brainstorming exercises, may help you in this decision-making process.

Deciding what you want to do is the first and the foremost thing that needs to be done by you before you set out to look for a job. You need to introspect about your interests and also research your external environment about that one thing you really want to pursue.

You must do your homework, not only on prospective occupations, employers, and industries, but also on yourself. This is the first step in determining which occupation best suits your unique talents, skills, and interests.

Find out what are your skills, your abilities what you enjoy doing most. As a first step, you need to identify set of skills that you possess and try to rank them according to the proficiency you have in each of them. Second step is to try to relate these skills with jobs and industries that require usage of such skills intensively.

For Example:

If you are very good at explaining things to people, then teaching could be one profession you could consider.

If you have very good communication skills you could consider working as a Public Relations officer.

If you are good at logical reasoning, math and software programming you could contemplate pursuing a career in a software development firm.

Some skill-sets are enumerated below that will help kick-start your thinking process:

Communication Skills – Oral – Radio jockey, public relations officer, voice over artist

Communication Skills – Written – Copy writer, Writer, Journalist

Reasoning Skills – Analyst, Research consultant

Computer Skills – Programmer, Tester, Accessibility expert

Leadership & Team Management Skills – Human resource personnel, manager

Knowing your skills and mapping it with industry requirements can go a long way in choosing a rewarding career.

External assistance can be a great help in discovering yourself and your potential. Friends and consultants knowledgeable in the fields that interest you can give valuable advice to you.

Acknowledge your strengths. Know what makes you different from others, what extra do you have in you, what makes you stand out, are you a perfectionist in your work, are you diligent, are you persistent about solving problems?

If you truly know your outstanding characteristics and can communicate this clearly and gracefully during interviews with employers, you greatly increase your chances of being the one chosen when there is a vacancy.

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