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Euro 2004: Round 2: When minnows swim and whales sink!

(Apologies for the day's delay. All we can say is that we are being kept very bust by some of our subscribers who seem determined to make us mend our ways!!)

As the big names seem set to depart Euro 2004, ND gets inspired by the Fab Four

(Sung to the tune of the Beatle's immortal hit "Yesterday". You haven't heard it? What have you been doing with your life?)

Spain was sent packing on its away
It may be joined by England or France today,
And day after,
Italy may board the train.

After that
It could be the turn of Germany
If they survive
Out will go the Dutch team
Its rum the way things turn out to be.

Why they had to go
Is pretty clear – they just couldn't play
All they had were 'stars'
With fat packets of pay (Yay! Yay! Yay!)

Footy was for them an easy game
Now they need a place to hide away
From fans who for their blood do bay.

As the big guns leave
Spare a look for those who stay
The Greeks, the Czechs, the Portugese
And the press who said they would fail!

You could say who with the cup would walk away
But this Euro has silenced a few brays
You need more than hype to win the day.

Hmmm….hmmm…hmmmm, etc. (fade away and dive gracefully into the wings
to duck the rotten tomatoes)


PD is snowed under so much work that she is barely being able to watch the matches on TV. Add to that the heartbreak of   Raul's departure and Owen's loss of form, and the lower limbs of Steve McManaman, and you will understand why she cannot  contribute her bit to this issue. She will be back, fear not!

Scores and scorers:

Group A:
Portugal 1 (Gomes) Spain 0
Russia 2 (Kirichenko, Bulykin) Greece 1 (Vryzas)
Spain 1(Morientes) Greece 1(Charisteas)
Portugal 2(Maniche, Costa) Russia 0

Group B:
England 3 (Rooney, Stiel [og], Gerrard) Switzerland 0
France 2 (Tudor [og], Trezeguet ) Croatia 2 (Rapaic, Prso)

Group C:
Italy 1 (Cassano) Sweden 1 (Ibrahimovic)
Denmark (Tomasson, Gronkjaer) 2 Bulgaria 0

Group D
Germany 0 Latvia 0
Czech Republic 3 (Baros, Koller, Smicer) Holland 2 (Bouma, van Nistelrooy)

Sent off: Ovchinnikov (Russia), Haas (Switzerland), Heitinga(Holland)
Not sent off: Nedved (Czech Republic), Rooney (England)

Offside: Trivia

What do Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia, England, and the Czech Republic have in common? Well, they are the only teams out of the sixteen playing in Euro 2004 who have not drawn a match so far in the tournament! And while on the subject of draws, only two days have passed in the tournament without a draw – the first day and yesterday ( 20 June). Both days featured group A matches!

Net Crackers: Best of the Web

PD and Uncle Sven may swear by him, but many are beginning to have doubts about Michael Owen. The Guardian's Richard Williams  tales a closer look at the English striker who seems to be a pale shadow of his 1998 version.,14577,1243652,00.html

As everyone is going loony over Rooney, the BBC's John May looks at the records he has set and compares him with other English strikers.

More of Owen and Rooney. Rio Ferdinand claims in The Sun that the Roo is maturing faster as an international player than Mickey did. Do you want to trust the memory of a man who forgot to take a dope test because he was out shopping? Why is it included here if we think it so daft? Well, we just thought you would like to know. If you do, head to,,2002390000-2004281860,00.html

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